Hair Restore RU58841 – 5% Plant Based Solution 30mL Bottle


Frustrated by a lack of results with finasteride and/or minoxidil? Looking to supercharge your current hair restoration regimen? RegenRx RU-58841 is a potent, topical alternative to conventional and lackluster hair loss prevention therapies.

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We offer RU58841 in a plant-based carrier solution that is all natural and nourishing for the scalp. We use a proprietary blend of moisturizing, low molecular weight plant oils that contain vitamin E to help soothe your scalp. If you prefer to apply RU58841 before bed, then our plant-based solution is ideal for you—especially if you suffer from dry, flaky skin. 

However, since it is more nourishing by design, it does not absorb and disappear as quickly as the K&B solution, so applying in the morning before you leave for work may not be ideal (depending on your lifestyle). It leaves no scent and is stable for 6 months at room temperature or 2 years if refrigerated.

Finasteride is known to cause a range of bothersome side effects, including sexual dysfunction. Worse yet, clinical research has revealed that sexual dysfunction caused by finasteride is unfortunately irreversible in some men [1]. In fact, there is an increase in a troubling phenomenon called “post-finasteride syndrome” affecting young men in particular [2]. Why risk it?

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Part of the problem with topical finasteride is its exceedingly long half-life, which permits persistent systemic effects even after low-dose topical application [3]. In contrast, RegenRX RU-58841 also works locally at the site of application, yet its shorter half-life reduces the potential for unwanted systemic effects.

The main problem with minoxidil is that it is only effective for some regions of the scalp (e.g. the crown) but it is not effective for reversing a receding hairline, which is the site of hair loss most distressing to young men [4].

Unfortunately, men who have recently started subscribing to the various app-based finasteride/minidoxil prescription services are often sadly disappointed at the small size of the bottles they receive. Moreover, those prescription services utilize a forced subscription business model that does not meet the tailored needs of each client. In contrast RegenRx takes a “customer service first” approach that never steers anyone into a subscription, giving clients more control over their initial and future purchases.


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